Community Guidelines: Let's Make This Space Safe & Friendly!

Rev 1.1.0 Dated Feb 1, 2024

Hey there, lovely community! To make sure we all have the best experience here, we've put together a few friendly pointers for interacting with others. Let's work together to keep this a warm and safe place for everyone!

  • Respectful Vibes Only: 1.     Remember, there's areal person on the other side of that screen! Always interact politely and with respect, whether it's with another user, our awesome customer service team, or anyone else related to our Service.

  • Safety First!: If you're thinking of taking a conversation offline or meeting up in person, safety should always be your top priority. We've put together some Safety Guidelines for you – please take a moment to go through them.

  • Keep Your Wallet to Yourself: Just a friendly reminder – never share your financial details like credit card or bank account numbers. And if someone asks you to send them money? Red flag! Let us know about it.

  • Background Checks & Your Info: While we want to trust everyone, we don't run background checks on all our members. So, trust your instincts and always stay cautious. But just so you know, we might occasionally do a background check using public records. If we do, the info you've provided might be used for that.

  • Your Account, Your Responsibility: Think of your membership account like your home – keep it safe! That means not sharing your login details with anyone and ensuring that you alone access your account. If someone gets access because you shared details or weren't careful, we won't be able to step in. So, keep those keys to yourself!

Remember, we're all here to have a positive experience. Let's help each other out and make sure this remains a wonderful community for everyone. If you ever have concerns or questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy connecting!

Your Role on Our Platform: Share with Care!

Using our platform should be a joy, and to ensure this for everyone, here's a gentle guide on how to be the best member you can be:

  • Your Content, Your Responsibility: : Anything you share on our platform—be it pictures, video, voice notes, or messages—is your responsibility. A good rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t share it with your grandma, it's probably not for here! Avoid anything that breaks the law, copies others, could hurt someone's feelings, uses multiple accounts sneakily, or looks like we gave it a thumbs up (unless we did!).

  • Keep the Vibes Right: Sometimes, we might need to check out or even remove what you’ve posted if it’s not in line with our community spirit. Remember, it's all in the name of keeping our space welcoming for everyone.

  • Sharing Means Caring: When you post something, think of it as a gift to our community. You’re giving us the go-ahead to show it off, mix it up, and share it in any way that keeps our platform buzzing.

  • Safety First!: Protecting our platform is like protecting our home. So, no trying to break in, peeking into accounts that aren’t yours, or causing virtual chaos, okay? Oh, and no spammy emails or hiding where you're sending info from. And if you're thinking of tweaking our platform's ins and outs, please refrain.

  • Play Nice & Legal: Please only use our platform for good vibes and legit reasons. No mean acts, using it as your marketplace, or trying to copy what we do. If we catch anyone using our platform for business or competition, there’s a £50,000 charge. (Yeah, we're serious about this.)

  • Treat Our Team Like Gold: We adore our team and hope you do too! If anyone tries to bother, scare, or be nasty to our amazing crew, we might have to say goodbye to you. And refunds? Those would be off the table.

Let's work together, respect these guidelines, and keep our community shining bright! If ever in doubt, just think: What would create the best experience for all? And go with that. Happy sharing!

Using Our Platform? Here's How to Be Stellar!

We built our platform to help people find meaningful connections. To make sure everyone feels safe and at ease, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Keep It Legal & Lovely: Please only use our platform for genuine relationship-seeking, social networking, personal growth, and achieving the lifestyle you deserve. Double-check that you're in line with this agreement. If unsure about any use, drop us a message to get the green light!

  • Strict No-Nos: Our platform is a strict no-go zone for anything related to escorting, prostitution, or human trafficking. If your history has ties to these, it's best to steer clear.

  • Championing Child Safety: Protecting young ones is our top priority. Never post anything that could harm those under 18 (however, they cannot register as a user but heads up). If we spot any violations, it's an instant goodbye from us, and we might need to involve the authorities.

  • Be Real & Respectful: Only share true, honest info about yourself. Make sure you have the rights to anything you post, and don't pretend to be someone you're not.

  • Guard Your Secrets: Keep your password to yourself. It's not for sharing or any shady business.

  • No Unsolicited Ads, Please: Reaching out to members to sell stuff, spamming, or bulk emails? That's not cool. Our platform is not the place for that. If you would like to run your ads in the reel section, contact us and we will make it happen for you.

  • Stay on the Right Side: Encouraging or teaching others to break laws? Big nope. The same goes for using our space for anything illegal.

  • Kindness is King: No bullying, stalking, or harassing others. Let’s spread love, not negativity.

  • This Isn't a Marketplace: Looking to recruit for other sites, businesses, or sketchy ventures? That's a hard pass. Our platform isn't for commercial gains.

  • Protect Our Space: We've built this space with love. Don't harm our platform, its related entities, or any of our sister sites.

  • Your private Gallery: It is not designed for you to keep your unlawful or nasty photos and videos. We give you this tool to not share all of your content at once inside the community and only share it with ones you consent. It’s not a place to monetize and make money from your content.

Remember, our platform shines brightest when all members act as guardians of its spirit. So, let’s keep it sparkling together! If in doubt, think, “Would this make our community better?” And lead with that. Thanks for being amazing!

Keep It Personal, Not Commercial!

Our platform is a cozy space, crafted exclusively for personal connections. Here's what we mean by that:

  • Purely Personal: Think of us as your digital lounge. It's for you, not businesses. So, using our platform for commercial tasks, like media coverage, data collection, or rival activities, is a big no-no.

  • Say No to Solicitation: Offering products or services that aren’t from us? That’s off-limits. Please, no advertising, either. Again, if you want to promote your products or services, contact us.

  • For Individuals Only: Our platform is like an exclusive club where only individual persons get the invite. Companies, agencies, and other entities? Sorry, you'll have to wait outside. We will let businesses know when it’s the right time to join our community.

  • Unauthorized Uses: Things like sneaky framing, unsanctioned linking, or sending unsolicited messages using our user data? Not cool and might land you in legal hot water.

  • Immediate Action: If we spot businesses advertising or agencies promoting members? That's an instant account freeze. And refunds? Those are off the table.