End User License Agreement

Rev 1.1.0 Dated Feb 1, 2024

Welcome to Flaimed buddy!

Whether you're signing up for a membership or just using our product for free, please take a moment to read and understand our rules. This agreement covers the software and how you use our platform. If something doesn't feel right to you or if you disagree with any part of it, that's okay, but we kindly ask you not to use our product or sign up for a membership.

By creating an account on Flaimed, you're saying "I'm good with these terms!" Remember, Flaimed might update these rules from time to time. It's a good idea to check in every now and then to see any new changes. We won't always send out a notice, so it's up to you to stay in the loop.

Who You're Teaming Up With

You're entering into this user agreement with Flaimed (that's "we", "us", or "Company"). Whether you're here for a free ride or as a paying member, we consider you a "Member" of our service (whether it's our website, app, or any other feature we offer).

By creating an account or just using any part of our service, you're giving us a virtual nod of approval to our rules, Privacy Policy, community guidelines, and any other terms we might introduce when you buy something or become a full-fledged Member.

Now and then, we might tweak these terms. Whenever we do, we'll pop them on our website. If you keep using our service after that, we'll take it as you're cool with the changes.

This agreement is primarily in English. Any translations might have missed details, so always come back to the English version if you're unsure.

If everything before this point sounded too formal, here's the essence: Our agreement outlines how we work together, keeps things lawful, and ensures everyone plays nice. If you can't agree with these terms, we'll miss you, but you shouldn't use our service.

Remember to review our rules, especially the ones about using our service correctly. We all want a safe and fun environment, right? Before diving in, make sure you're on board with everything we've laid out.

Are You Good to Go?

Before jumping in, here's a quick checklist to make sure you can join our community:

  • Age: You need to be 18 years or older.

  • Legal Ability: You have the green light to agree to our terms and follow through.

  • Location: Some places have laws that might stop you from using our service. Please ensure you're not in one of those spots (like specific countries with religious or political rules against our services).

  • Stay Lawful: It's essential to play by the rules, be it privacy, respecting others' creations, or just not spamming. If there's a law related to online platforms, you're on board with it.

  • Clean Record: We hope this isn't a surprise, but if you've been involved in serious crimes or are on a concerning registry, our platform isn't the place for you.

  • Up-to-date: Whenever there's a new version of our app or website, make sure you're using it. The freshest version is the best version!

If you ever find you don't check all these boxes, please part ways with our service and delete your account. Always make sure you're allowed to use our platform wherever you are. If it's not allowed, it's a no-go for joining in.

All About Your Account

Here’s a quick rundown about setting up and taking care of your account:

  • How to Sign In: You can use your email, phone number, Apple login, or even your social media accounts. If you opt for social media, we might peek at some public parts of your profile. Curious about what info we gather? Have a look at our Privacy Policy.

  • Your Space: Your account is your cozy corner. Keep your login details a secret, and always watch out for any fishy activity. If anything seems off, give us a shout!

  • Safety First: If someone gets into your account without your thumbs up, that's not on us. Also, always be careful about sharing any personal info with others.

Remember, your account's safety is a team effort. Let’s keep it secure together!

Paying for Your Subscription: The Need-to-Knows

  • Your Billing Info: Always keep your payment details updated and tip-top. If anything changes, like your card number or address, let us know. If your card is ever lost or stolen, give us a heads up too.

  • You've Got the Bill: If your payment info isn’t up to date, any fees that pop up are on you.

  • Auto Card Updates: If your card issuer updates your card details, we might too. It's all about smooth sailing.

  • Final Payments: All payments here are set in stone. Got a question about a charge? Let's chat through our support ticket system instead of going to the bank. If you dispute with your bank and it turns out you owe us, please square up within 30 days.

  • Auto-Renew: Like your favourite magazine subscription, we renew automatically for uninterrupted service.

  • No Refunds: Change of heart or didn’t use everything you bought? Sorry, no returns or refunds. If you deactivate or put your account on pause, any leftovers won’t be saved for later.

  • One Account, One Set of Credits: Your credits or subscriptions stick with your account. They're like your favourite sweater: non-shareable!

  • Special Offers: We sometimes sprinkle in free memberships or change up trial
    Auto-Renewal: Once you opt for a subscription, it’ll keep renewing at the agreed price. Want it to stop? Make sure to cancel before the next renewal date. Your card details are stored with us, but they're super safe.

  • Got Payment Questions? Our Customer Support is here to help! You can also chat with your bank or payment provider for more insights. Remember, if you don’t want automatic payments, switch it off on the Settings page. But, you still need to clear any amounts you owe us.

  • Changing or Ending Subscription: To mix things up or end your subscription, log in and follow the steps. Deleting the app or your account doesn't stop the payments. Only canceling the subscription does that. If you do cancel, you can still enjoy the perks till your current term ends.

  • No Refunds: Payments are final. Even if you didn't use up everything, no returns or credits, sorry.

  • Our Prices: They dance around based on where you are, how long you’re joining for, whether there’s a sale and a bunch of other factors. Plus, we’re always trying out new things, so pricing can change.

Always keep an eye on your settings, and if in doubt, ask us! We’re here to guide you.

What You're Allowed to Do:

We’re giving you a special pass to access and use our Service. But like all great privileges, there are rules:

  • Don't use our Service for money-making without asking us first.

  • Respect our copyrights and trademarks. No borrowing without permission.

  • Speak for yourself, not us.

  • No sneaky tech stuff: no bots, no disrupting our system, no malware.

  • Keep everything on straight and narrow: no faking info or testing our defenses.

  • If you're tech-savvy, cool! But don’t tweak our Service or make apps related to it without our say-so.

  • And always play by our rules. If not, we may have to take action, which could mean legal steps or closing your account. Oh, and our software might update on its own (you can manage this in your settings).

What We Can Do with Your Content:

When you post something on our Service, you're letting us showcase it around the world. That means we can use, adapt, and share it in lots of different ways. But don’t worry, we're not claiming it's ours, and we'll always act if someone's using your stuff without permission.

Remember to only post stuff you have rights to and keep it honest. We might peek at what you post to make sure it’s all good and in line with our vibe.

Treat our customer care team nicely, okay? They're here to help, and bad behavior towards them isn't cool.

Lastly, we need to run ads to keep our Service going. So, by using our Service, you're cool with seeing some ads. Also, if you share ideas or feedback with us, we might use them without owing you anything.

Safety First: Sometimes, we might need to check, save, or share your info or content, especially if the law asks, if there's a problem with our rules, or to keep everyone safe.

Heads Up on Maintenance & Upgrades:

Sometimes we have to do a little housekeeping on our platform to keep things running smoothly. Here's what you should know:

  • Downtime: We might need to pause the platform now and then for regular maintenance and cool upgrades. Some features may take a short nap during this time.

  • Updates: We're always working on bettering our platform. We'll try our best to give you a heads up about any big changes.

  • Stay Current: Keep your account and software updated to enjoy all the shiny new features and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Interruptions: Transactions or activities might get interrupted during our maintenance. Please keep an eye on your activities and shout out to our support team if something seems off.

  • Bear with Us: There might be some small hiccups during updates. Thanks for your patience!

  • Your Data is Safe: We've got your back! All your data is protected during our maintenance. If you think something's missing afterward, just let us know.

  • Emergency Fixes: Sometimes, we might need to jump in for a quick fix without notice. It's all in the name of safety and platform health.

  • No Compensation: As much as we love keeping our platform top-notch, we can't offer compensation for any downtime.

  • Free Membership: If you're using our platform for free, we might need to hit pause on your account during maintenance. We'll do our best to keep you in the loop.

Disclaimer & Indemnity

Let’s keep things clear. Here’s a quick rundown of our responsibilities (or, in some cases, lack thereof):


  • Not Our Fault: If there's incorrect info on our platform, whether from users or tech hiccups, we're not to blame.

  • User Conduct: We don't control or take responsibility for what users do, online or off.

  • Tech Glitches: We're not on the hook for any technical problems, delays, or hiccups affecting the platform.

  • Risks: Any harm or damage (physical, emotional, or digital) from using our site? That's not on us.

  • "As Is": We offer our platform just as it is, for fun, dating, and info. We don't guarantee it'll be perfect.

  • Downloads: If you get something from our site and it harms your device or loses your data, that’s on you.

  • Third-party Info: Sometimes, others might post content on our platform. We don't vouch for its accuracy.

  • No Promises: We can't guarantee that you'll get specific outcomes from using our site.

  • Safety First: We provide a place for users to connect. Beyond that, be smart and stay safe.

  • General Advice: We might offer tips or info, but it's just for fun and not a substitute for professional advice.

  • Bad Stuff: If users or third parties post or do harmful or illegal things, we might remove the content, but we're not responsible.


In simpler terms, if your actions on our platform lead to legal issues or costs for us, you've got to cover our back. This means you'll defend and cover any costs or damages we face because of what you do or share on our platform. If there's a legal issue, we might handle it, but you'll still be responsible for helping out.

Dealing with Disagreements

Here's how we handle disagreements:

  • English Laws Apply: Our Company is based in England, so English laws guide our Terms.

  • Let's Chat: If there's a problem, we'll first try to sort it out by talking with you.

  • Taking it to Court: If talking doesn't work, either of us can decide to go to court. If that happens, the courts in England & Wales will be the only place where we'll handle our disagreement.

Ending Your Use of the Service

  • How Long This Agreement Lasts: This Agreement stays in place as long as you're using our Service. Some parts of the Agreement will continue even after you stop using the Service.

  • Ending Your Membership: If you want to end your Membership, go to 'Deactivate Account' in the Account Settings.

  • What Happens to Your Data: After you leave, we might keep some of your info. This is for things like understanding our users better, making sure people aren't cheating the system, keeping our records straight, and following the law. Some info might have been shared with other companies, and they might keep it based on their own rules.

  • When We Might End Your Membership: We can end your Membership anytime. We'll usually tell you, but not always. This might happen if we think you've broken this Agreement. If your Membership ends this way, you won't get any money back for unused time or credits.

  • Changes to the Service: We're always trying to make our Service better. Sometimes, we might add or take away features. We'll try to let you know when big changes are happening, but we can't promise. If we ever shut down the whole Service, we'll do our best to let you know ahead of time, unless there's a safety or security reason why we can't.

Limitations on What We Owe You

  • General Limitation: Based on the laws that apply, we, along with our partners, workers, and other related entities, aren’t responsible for any indirect damages like lost profits or data, regardless of how they happen.

  • Usage Issues: We aren’t to blame if you can't access or use our service or if another user or third-party causes problems.

  • Maximum Payment: The most we might owe you for any issues with our service is either the amount you paid us, if any, or £100.

  • Local Laws: Some laws, including in parts of the UK, might not let us limit our responsibility this way, so be sure to check what applies to you.

Arbitration (For Non-UK Residents)

  • Resolving Disputes: Any issues between you and us will be settled by an arbitrator in the UK, not a court. The only exception is if it’s a small claim.

  • Waiving Court Rights: By using our service, you’re agreeing to solve disputes through arbitration. This means you can't sue us in most courts or join group lawsuits.

  • Enforcing Arbitration: If you want to enforce this agreement or challenge an arbitration decision, you'll have to do it in an English court.

  • No Consumer Arbitration: We don't handle disputes for non-UK residents with consumer arbitration entities.

For Those Where Arbitration Doesn’t Apply

  • Which Laws Count: The laws of England and Wales decide any disputes between us.

  • Where Claims Happen: If there’s a legal claim, it will happen in English courts. Both of us agree to this and acknowledge that it’s a suitable location for any legal issues.

Changing the Rules

  • We Can Change the Terms: We can change these rules anytime. When we post the new rules on our website, they start to apply.

  • Stay Updated: It’s on you to regularly check these terms and see if they've changed.

  • For Non-Paying Members: If you don’t pay for a subscription, any new rules we post will apply to you immediately. If you keep using our service after we post new rules, that means you accept them.

  • For Paying Members: If you're a subscriber and we change the rules, your current membership will stick with the old rules until it's time to renew. If you renew, that means you accept the new rules.

  • If You End Your Subscription: If you cancel your subscription and later use our service again, you'll have to follow the rules that were in place when you cancelled.