Copyright & Friendly Sharing

Rev 1.1.0 Dated Feb 1, 2024

Hey there! We truly value the creativity and effort behind every piece of content. So, just a gentle reminder: whenever you're sharing something, make sure it's genuinely yours or you have the right to use it. This goes for anything copyrighted, from text and graphics to music and images.

It's super important to us, and the whole online community, that everyone respects the intellectual creations of others. If you spot anything on our platform that you think violates copyright, give us a heads-up! We'll look into it pronto.

Want to raise a flag on a copyright concern? Here's what we'll need from you:

  • A brief on the copyrighted work you think has been copied.

  • Where on our platform you found it.

  • Your contact info: address, phone, and email.

  • Your statement that you believe, in all honesty, the use wasn't authorized by the copyright champ, its agent, or the law.

  • Your declaration, on your honor, that the info you've provided is accurate and you're either the copyright king/queen or their official knight in shining armour (aka authorized representative).

Intellectual Property & Sharing lifestyle

You rock for creating and sharing content with us! Don't worry, we're not here to steal your creative thunder. If you've got the intellectual property rights to the content you're sharing, they remain yours.

But, here's a small request: to keep the platform buzzing, we need some permissions (or licenses) from you. Don't fret, we've laid it all out here:

When you share content, you're granting us a:

  • Non-exclusive license (so you're free to share your content elsewhere too),

  • Royalty-free pass (meaning we don't pay you for using it, but we'll give it all the love and respect),

  • Transferable and sub-licensable license (so we can share the content with our trusted partners),

  • Global license (because our love for your content knows no borders!).

These permissions help us make sure everyone can enjoy, adapt, and maybe even get inspired by your content, depending on your platform settings, of course.

Moreover, every user on our platform gets a similar non-exclusive, royalty-free, global license to engage with your content, but strictly for fun and entertainment. This bond lasts until you decide to close your account or remove your content. Just a tiny note: if you've allowed others to reuse or share your content, or if there's a legal requirement, those uses might continue even after removal.

Lastly, if you ever send us feedback, ideas, or comments, we might use them to make our platform even more awesome. And while we can't compensate you, know that we're sending you a massive virtual high-five!

For a deeper dive into all this, and to understand the world of copyright better, you might want to check out the official website of the World Intellectual Property Organization. They're the global guardians of creations and innovations!